The newest iteration of the classic OMS IQ Backpack, meet the IQ Travel Backpack! At only 2.4lbs, this comfortable harness system can easily fit into any carry-on bag. When combined with the Performance Mono Wing with 27lb lift and two cam band straps, the entire system weighs less than 6lbs making it ideal for travel. Unlike other travel systems, the IQ Travel Backpack can be easily modified for cold water diving. Other features include movable anodized aluminum D-rings and removable padding. Available in 4 sizes for maximum fit and comfort. As with all OMS equipment, modularity is a key design feature. The OMS IQ Travel Backpack includes:

  • Four 2” welded anodized Aluminum D-rings
  • Anodized Aluminum Belt Buckle
  • 1” Crotch Strap with Fastex clip
  • Soft Back Pad for maximum comfort
  • 2 Epaulettes on shoulders for hose routing
  • Chest Strap
  • Two Cam band slots
  • Harness weight 2.4 lbs. (size M-L)
  • Available in 4 sizes: XXS, XS-S, M-L, L-XL
  • Comes with a 27lb Performance Mono Wing and (2) Cam Bands for the ultimate travel BC!

OMS IQ Travel Backpack