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If you love the idea of fixed wing on your Stealth sidemount system but don't need the tech diving wing capacity REC sidemount setup is for you! Smaller Stealth REC wing provides 28lbs of lift sufficient for diving with aluminum or light steel cylinders. Set comes with proven and reliable Stealth 2.0 harness.


The stealth 2.0 Side Mount System comprises of several elements, the configuration of which can be adjusted exactly to your needs. The xDEEP weight system enables smooth and precise adjustment of the position of the center of gravity – the central weight pocket can be moved within significant range. We are certain that no other side mount system is such versatile as the Stealth 2.0


Set includes:

  • complete Stealth 2.0 sidemount harness with the central weight pocket installed
  • REC 28lbs lift buoyancy compensator (BC) made of Cordura 1100 dTEX
  • bungee / hardware set

xDeep Stealth 2.0 Rec Sidemount System

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